Six Things Our Half Price Fish & Chips Are Cheaper Than


You’ve got to love a great deal right? Here at Love Pete’s, our half price – yes, that’s right, HALF PRICE – fish and chips deal is back! You’ll pay just £2.25 for your freshly cooked fish and chips with our half price deal and to prove to you just how good this offer is, we’ve put together a list of things that are far dearer than this!

Just take a look and see…


A cuppa, at Harrods

Fancy a cuppa? At Harrods, a cup of tea will set you back £5. Five whole pounds for a cuppa! Okay, we’re sure it tastes spiffing, and it’s served in china cups and you get to sit in their lovely tea room, but our £2.25 fish and chips deal is so much better eh? And you can make your own tea to go with it when you get home, just the way you like it!


Fly in a private jet

If you have a few thousand (ok, more than quite a few thousand!) you could book to fly in a private jet. Just imagine, you’ll escape those pesky airport queues, screaming children who just want to kick your seat and that awful airline food. Sounds good? Yeah, but it doesn’t beat freshly cooked fish and chips on a half price deal!


McDonald’s Breakfast

So, you’ve just woken up, the cupboards are bare and you’re sooo hungry! If you nip to McDonalds for breakfast, did you know that even a single Breakfast Wrap will set you back £2.69?

Far cheaper to wait a little longer for an early lunch of half price fish and chips we reckon… and so much better for you too!


A trip to Necker Island

Do you dream of escaping to an idyllic island where your every whim is catered for, and where there are endless white beaches, crystal clear waters and plenty of sun? Get yourself to Necker Island! It will only cost you around £39,000 per night. Or, pop to Pete’s grab our half price fish and chips offer and sit in the garden instead…


Pick ‘n Mix Sweets at the Cinema

Who can resist a bag of pic ‘n mix at the cinema? Row upon row of tempting sweets but once you’ve chosen your favourites and get to the tills, that’s when the fun really starts… We paid a whopping £4.54 for a bag last weekend and there were only enough sweets for one (we have a bag each, we don’t like to share). When did sweets get so expensive? Meh, they’re bad for teeth anyway. Try our half price fish and chips offer instead!


A visit to the park with the kids

But that’s free, right? We hear you say… Ah, you may think a nice trip to the park is a cheap day out but wait, once you get there, what about the ice cream from the conveniently parked ‘just near the swings’ ice cream van or those inflatable bouncy castles that have been set up to tempt children away from anything else, charging £3 for ten minutes? Don’t despair, tell them the ice cream is off, let them have a quick go on the (free) slide and get to Pete’s for half price fish and chips instead. Sorted!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our little list of things that are far dearer than our fantastic deal and don’t forget, if you want to take advantage of this fabulous half price fish and chips offer, get down to Pete’s today. 

See you soon!

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